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Overwhelmed by your business data?

Nowadays, business receive and produce a variety of information from multiple triggers. There is no market that is driven by a one-dimensional factor. There is a point in business where diverse information needs to be communicated among many people and statistics and complicated models are not a common standard for all.

Datalization allows corporates to create stories in a 3D environment to assist them communicate internally information easily among all departments. Machine learning and advanced data repositories can enhance stories.

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MLTrain is a focusing on machine learning practice by leveraging data to meet industrial applications. It covers areas of interest of corporates and offers on-demand corporate training tailored to the needs of companies. MLTrain is based in Atlanta, USA.


Datawise is a software development company bridging together software engineering, machine learning, mining and statistics. Its digital repository platform (REPOX) driven by AI, allow companies to reform their data with additional functionalities. The company is also based in Atlanta, USA.



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