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What is Datalization?

Datalization is a game that triggers EU citizens to easily discover EU Open Data, their usage in their life, their business and politics, by exploring a city in a funny way.

The game focuses on the following pillars:

Public Awareness & Participation,
Competitive & Sustainable Growth,
Budget Transparency & Public Servants Accountability

The player is moving in a city and has to accomplish few missions. He is given a budget (euros to start the game), a 100% stamina and the ability to purchase items from the inventory shop. Items from the inventory shop can be food, books. Each item has an effect on player’s stamina or skills. For each mission, a different set of reading text and graphs produced with open data is presented.

The player has to visit specific offices in the city, in order to attain the information he needs to succeed. These offices are the Tax Office, the Law Office, the EU Office and the Embassy. To succeed, the player has to eliminate the anti-transparency and bureaucracy minions that move in the city. These minions represent the barriers of national and EU procedures.

How it all started

The idea behind Datalization game was firstly introduced by Androniki Pavlidou, in the #DiploHack Athens in April 2016. It formed from a concept to a structured game. A game with missions, goals, knowledge paths and of course playful moments!


As a player, you live in a city in Europe. You have some personal and professional goals. In order to reach them, you need to get educated on open data and use that output to make the right decisions. Right decisions will affect your efficiency, finances, and strength. You will succeed to improve your knowledge and quality of life by fulfilling your goals. The more you achieve, the better finances you will have and you will develop more as a character. Wrong decisions may affect your status, efficiency and lead to failure.

In that knowledge path, there are many European institutes and organizations to advise you and inform you. This is how you will learn what these organizations do and how they can help you out in your real life. Play to explore your finances related to European budget, European funding and money flow based on your persona. Learn how to manage your budget and expenses, how much money you pay for taxes as a contribution to the European Union. Get to know how and on what, money are spent by public servants. How you can reach European funds to develop a competitive business and how you can improve your region.

Be the hero you always wanted to be.
Kill the bureaucracy and anti-transparency minions in Europe!
Connect the dots and be an active European citizen!

May the Euro be with you!

The Personas


  • Age: 26
  • Sex: Female
  • Background: Philology studies
  • Occupation: –
  • Characteristics: Intelligent, Dynamic, Blogs lover, Wants to start a business one day, Ambitious, Married, Mother of a boy


  • Age: 35
  • Sex: Male
  • Background: Business, MBA
  • Occupation: Vineyard and Winery owner, Entrepreneur
  • Characteristics: Tech and Business lover, Risk taker, Determined,  Single


  • Age: 56
  • Sex: Male
  • Background: Lawyer
  • Occupation: Politician
  • Characteristics: Typical, Can’t get out of his comfort zone, Excellent negotiator, Strong in networking, Experienced, Divorced

The Entrepreneur Persona

The Entrepreneur, was an excellent student and professional. He worked in an office and had a typical and secure life, living alone without many hitches. A year ago, he managed to predict the rise of the Asian market and correctly advise his senior manager to sign contracts with firms in Asia. That made him more respectful in the company and became the employer of the year. After his father retirement, the call to manage the family winery seemed a big and interested challenge. Now, he is the hero of the family, the one who takes risks and everyone expect him to achieve the best.

His main priority is to strengthen the business, make it grow in new markets and build a strong brand of high profits. He only has a small budget so he understands that he has to seek for new funding paths. Tha is why he will use any help available.

For this demo version, the only active and playful persona is the Entrepreneur. 

Artificial Game Factors

There are AI bots that interact with the player. These are:

  • Bureaucracy minions, that want to block players access to open data and defend their existence
  • Anti-transparency bots, that aim to prevent player from discovering and linking open data

Player’s “weapons” to defeat the enemies are open data quizzes. For every 3 correct answers, a minion is eliminated.

Game Info

The player starts with full stamina as he is a young entrepreneur who wants to succeed in his family winery business. He has 2500 euros in his pocket to use. His innovative ideas and culture guide him.
He understands that in order to be more profitable and competitive, he has to raise the bar and achieve growth. He needs a laptop to find information and work on his files. He purchases one from the shop.

He seeks for the taxation rates and fees in his country. He feels annoyed that he has to pay extra taxes because some companies do not pay taxes in the country. A visit to the taxation office should answer all that and other minor questions. The information is blur. So many laws and an unstable taxation system. He observes that there are many Bureaucracy entities blocking him to clearly view the information (AI bots). He has to do something to make them disappear. A tip is given to him to use Open Data. But what is this new concept? He reads information on Open Data (watches videos, text, etc). For each correct answer, bureaucracy is eliminated.

He spends energy and time to attain knowledge on open data, open budget, and public spending. He gets so excited that he enjoys answering quizzes to verify his level of knowledge. His knowledge is rewarded with OD points. The more he learns, the more OD points he collects and his experience levels increase. He feels more confident now that his decisions are data driven.

He pays a visit to the open data expert lawyer to clear out what he can and what he cannot do with the data. What is open data licensing?

In his mind, there is concern about the competitiveness he faces in Europe. In the winery sector, there are many well-branded wineries with high market penetration. He has to research on the competition and watch out for any international developments. He has to figure out alternative strategies to export his product and maintain his position in the market. But how can he gain that knowledge in the abyss of the internet?

He also wants to examine if there are calls for other national projects and competitions that he can apply at. It is important for him to know when and who will pay for his wines. Using open data again is a pleasant custom he trained himself to do.

He decides to research the internet for information on funds for SMEs, so he pays a visit to a local European office. In EU Office, he learns for a program named Horizon 2020 and another called Espa. He has no idea what these programs offer and how they might be helpful and match with his needs. A tip he gets is to create synergies and apply with other European SMEs that will also benefit from a project. Do other competitors do the same? How can he found it out? Again open data are there to help him visualize the information available for his industry. A nice tip is also to answer EU related questions.

He observes some buildings that host embassies. In his mind embassies are neutral entities with an ambassador and staff who were sent to represent and advance the interests of their country with another country’s government. He wonders how and if an embassy can help him out. Is there a connection between embassies and foreign investments and the increase of market access? Maybe it would be wise to pay a visit. The visit seems interesting…

After data presentation, the player has to learn how to use open data to find ways to fulfill his goals: grow the winery, make it profitable, expand its brand and be competitive.

Goals in Steps

  • Perform necessary actions with the 2500 euros budget
  • View the taxation rates among EU countries
  • Experience Open Data information, learn about Open Data, and use them to comprehend taxation
  • Get information on different national open data search engines, i.e. Diavgeia, Yperdiavgeia (OPEN DATA GR GOV)
  •  Get informed on tax evasion, transparency, and legal Open Data issues
  • Examine how EU programs can help you develop and grow your business, see what your competitors have done and manage to get funded to be competitive
  • Discover the role of the embassies in the business sector and how can they help entrepreneurs

Games Rules

  • The game is for FREE.
  • The structure of the storyline is divided into levels. For this demo, the player plays one level and has to complete six missions. If the players succeed, he/she is a winner. Otherwise, he/she looses.
  • All data are open data. They are either in the form of graphs, tables, csv, or requested from an API.
  • All player movements are legal. There is no violence in the game. No discriminations.
  • Game’s player cannot be more than one persona at the same time.
  • Player’s should learn what is open data, their usage, licensing information, where to find open data applications, EU projects on open data and the role of embassies in the EU and how they can help citizens.
  • Power-ups can occur when some magic happens. When a Wikileaks information, LuxLeaks information, Panama Papers information shows up to the player offering him a nice boost!

Why a game?

For EU Citizens

  • Traditional learning is out of date, static and boring. This is funny!
  • You can learn by playing, discover your talents and maybe offer real problem solutions
  • You will feel more financial secure and would understand how EU financial actions affect your life
  • You would be able to understand difficult processes, i.e. the budget process

For EU

  • A game as a new approach can help improve governance
  • It can draw awareness with a cost effective way, good ROI
  • A game can easily reach EU citizens
  • An interconnection of data may help achieve financial transparency over EU member states
  • Game loaded information can reducing cost information requests and bureaucracy
  • It can attract interest on open data, bridge the gap and call more actors to add their value in the game
  • As more data will be added, the storyline may identify and eliminate inefficient spending

For EU Desicion Makers

  • It can help decision makers to make transparent, data-driven decisions
  • It can be a complementary tool to train new EU servants (Interns, etc)
  • It can promote the discovery of new ideas (crowdsourcing) on how to fight tax evasion based on game scenarios
  • It can lead to more efficient administration

What the future holds?

The player would be able to purchase personas’ skins.
For instance, check our ideas for amazing future skins! Do you want to propose a persona? Contact us!

We are open to co-operate with a university, institute or organization that wants to offer an open data certificate to the players, based on their performance. Contact us to discuss it!

The team

Androniki Pavlidou


Passionate about technology, sports and food. Studied Mathematics in Thessaloniki and graduated from an MSc in Science and Innovation Management from University Utrecht in the Netherlands. A wannabe programmer but dedicated innovator and founder of @fansinator and #Datalization. Winner of @diplohack Athens. New experiences: #Gaming and #OpenData. Future explorations listed: VR!

Konstantinos Tsergoulas

Unity3D Generalist / Gameplay Programmer

Konstantinos graduated as a graphics and web designer and continued his career as a game developer.Now he is an experienced game developer that works for many projects mostly from abroad. As a programmer, he co-founded a company- Glow Games Studio- in Greece. He is also active in the mobile developing sector with few apps in his portfolio. Lastly, he is the co-author of 2 publications.

Dora Giannopoulou

Visual Designer

Dora studied graphic design and digital media. She has a 12+ years working experience both in advertising agencies and as a freelancer, working on a variety of projects ranging from consumer goods and luxury brands to business information systems and web applications.  Self-motivated, self-sufficient, detail-oriented, she is currently focused on UI / UI  and illustration.

Daphne Vasila


Daphne is an illustrator who loves comics and is devoted in crafting characters and worlds for all kinds of projects. She is an active member in the field of informal education, including her experience working in Olde Vechte Foundation in the Netherlands. She has worked as a freelancer for children’s books illustration and has served as graphic designer and facilitator.

Special Thanks

Katerina Xanthopoulou

MSc Geologist – G.I.S Expert

Special thanks go to Katerina Xantopoulou for the creation, edit and consult on ESRI maps we created.

Katerina Xanthopoulou is a 10-year experienced freelance geologist . She specializes in Geographical Information Systems, including geodatabases building, analysis and maintenance on various types of data. Since 2010 she has been working on data analysis and map creation for several projects.

Michalis Vafopoulos

Researcher on Economics, Linked and Open Data

Special thanks go to Michalis Vafopoulos for the advice and guidance.

Michalis Vafopoulos is a researcher at the National Technical University of Athens. After undergraduate studies in Economics and Computer Science and postgraduate degrees in Economics and Web Science joined the Department of Cultural Informatics at the University of Aegean.

In 2009 served as local chair of the 1st Web Science conference and co-founded the Master in Web science at the Mathematics Department of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. In 2011 initiated the Public Spending project which provides real-time information on public expenditure worldwide through visualization and Linked Open Data provision.

His research interests include the applications of mathematical networks in economics and the Web, Web economics and business, Web philosophy and didactics, Linked and Open data.

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