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Trying to communicate science?

Science is a topic that people either fall in love with, or feel nothing about it. What happens when scientific projects that may affect the economy, society and our future need to be communicated to the final beneficiaries…future active citizens (kids)?

Datalization lowers the communication barrier of difficult and complex scientific projects by using the power of stories and gaming. It builds on-demand games that are based on a story mapped from a scientific project. Heroes, problems, magic, and 3D fantasy worlds guide users in a new scientific experience.

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Case studies

OpenAIRE Game

OpenAIRE is a project (funded by European Commission) that is mission is to provide unlimited, barrier free, open access to research outputs. It is an open access open science platform, a content aggregator with multiple services.

Project website:

More information for the game here:

Bluebridge Game

Bluebridge is a project (funded by European Commission) that is focuses on building research environments fostering Innovation, decision making, governance and education to support Blue growth.

Project website:


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