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Are your positions closer to the Democrats or Republicans?
Play to discover!

Download the game!
Download the game!

Walk in the city, find the Points of Interest and answer questions on hot topics like Economy, Immigration, Education, Terrorism, Healthcare and more…
Answer the questions and see the results!

Society’s hot topics that are important to citizens are separated into 9 main categories. We extract our information from the official websites of the two candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Then, we chose few questions per category, equally. You distinguish each category by its icon. You right-click on the icon and you come up with a question. The question is formed from the candidates’ statements and we ask you to choose an answer. One answer is the position of the candidate, while the other is not.  When you agree with a candidate, you increase your statistics. When not, you see a message that there is a decrease. A counter shows you how many questions you still have to answer. When you finish, you see with which candidate you agree more.

Credits for images

The icons of the POIs in the game are designed by Freepik